Saturday, November 12, 2005

Allamuchy State Park (Hike #2)

Today I met up with many of the same folks as last week for another hike - this one through Allamuchy State Park. We had another great day, although this time it was a bit cooler (didn't actually break a sweat this time around). We hiked a little more than half of what we did last week, just under seven miles according to our fearless leader's GPS. Oh, and the Dave-count this week was only four.

It's been fun to hang out with new people, though I think I need to teach them a few things - like go out for burgers after the hike is over! Also, our fearless leader is planning a pau hana for the hiking folks a couple of Tuesdays from now... except he doesn't know to call it "pau hana" instead of happy hour. ;)

1 comment:

Dave said...

Sounds like you need a "Thad" to explain why post hike burgers are so important. Glad to see you hiking again and hope the "pau hana" goes well I know they only need a Mash to get a pau hana going.