Monday, July 17, 2006


This is a story of a kitty cat amputee.

On Saturday night, Kenji and I decided to move our bed from the room we had been using as our bedroom into the larger room in the upstairs of our house. The larger room was our bedroom at first when we moved in last year, but then we found that the smaller room had a better breeze to keep us cool on hot summer nights. But Kenji's folks very kindly sent us a nice portable air conditioner, which we decided it install in the larger room. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Anyway, as we were rearranging and moving furniture, I stepped out of the room and shut the door behind me. What I didn't realize was that little Spammy was right underfoot, and when I shut the door, the tip of his tail got caught! I'm not even sure he knew his tail got caught - he didn't say a word. About five minutes later, I discovered the tip of his tail laying in the floor next to the door. :(

So we went and found Spammy and took a look at his tail - sure enough about an inch of his tail insides were sticking out the end. :(

We took Spammy to the emergency pet clinic right away (it was midnight already), and they said that because the tip of his tail had been "degloved", they would have to amputate about an inch and a half off the end so that his skin can grow back over the bone and avoid getting infected. So we had to leave him overnight and pick him up on Sunday.

Yesterday, after I got out of work, Kenji and brought little Spammy home. We made the mistake of letting him out of his box without isolating him in a room by himself first. As soon as he saw Musubi, he attacked her, screaming and yelling, and flying up the stairs after her. The bandage on his tail flew right off, and the naked little shaved and sutured end of his tail was exposed. I was finally able to capture him and calm him down. We tried to put the bandage back on, but Spammy wasn't having any part of it. So Kenji called the clinic, and they said to bring Spammy back and they would rebandage him.

I took Spammy back to the doctor by myself. Meanwhile, Kenji cleared all the stuff out of our smallest room so Spammy could live in there overnight and not climb on somthing and hurt himself. When I brought Spammy home, he was a lot more calm, but he was still very upset about having a club-like bandage on his tail, and even more angry about having a big clumsy cone stuck around his neck. He was still groggy from the sleepy drugs they gave him at the clinic, but as the effects of those subsided, Spammy's personality returned to his normal sweet self. He began to purr and roll around and ask to play with his stick.

Spammy's allowed to go out of his room now, but little Musubi is still traumatized by his attack yesterday, and wants nothing to do with him. Fortunately, she is not an aggressive kitty - she just doesn't approach him; and when he approaches her, she just hisses, growls, gets puff-tail, and backs away. This picture was taken about a month ago, when Spammy discovered that he really loves watermelon. I didn't want anyone to have to remember a sad Spammy with all his bandages and his cone-collar, so I thought I'd share this happy picture of him too. :)

So if you have pets, be extra careful to make sure they are not underfoot when you don't expect it. And get pet insurance! We were thinking of dropping the insurance we got for Spammy and Musubi, but now I'm glad we didn't. Between the emergency room visit, the surgery, the medications, and the follow up visits, this little incident would cost probably around $1,500! With the insurance, we should be covered for at least $1,000 of it, so neeless to say, we are very very glad we have it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sewing Stuff

A couple months ago, Kenji bought some short-sleeved button-down shirts for real cheap at Steve and Barry's, or whatever that store is called. Problem was that the shirts were way too long. So yesterday Kenji decided he was going to shorten them, so he asked me to show him how to use the sewing machine. This was my mom's machine, not my grandma's, a picture of which is in this blog post.

So now Kenji knows how to load up a bobbin full of thread, thread the machine and make it go! He also got to sort of learn how to make a hem. Probably not a proper hem, since I never really learned how t make one, but it was good enough for his purposes.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

His Name is Glen Miyashiro

This morning I mentioned to Kenji that the next time we get cats we should name them Glen Miyashiro and Lori Yamaguchi. Frank Delima fans will understand. But we like our kitties and don't want to get new ones, so instead I decided to give Spammy and Musubi nicknames. So now i call Spammy Glen Miyashiro and Musubi is Lori Yamaguchi. :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fireworks Over NYC

Ten years ago today, I watched the fireworks shows over New York City. I had an unusual vantage point though - I was over the fireworks looking down on them from a plane!

Ten years ago today is the day I flew out of JFK Airport to go to Kenya for three and a half weeks. It was my first time outside of the United States, with the exception of visiting Quebec four summers earlier. On our way to Kenya, our plane stopped over in Saudi Arabia and I had to spend about eight hours in the airport waiting to connect to Kenya.

During my stay in Kenya, TWA Flight 800 was shot(?) out of the sky (did they ever come to a conclusion of what really happened to flight 800?), and a bomb was set off at the Summer Olympics. I spent a few hours in the United States Embassy in Nairobi helping someone we stayed with obtain a student visa. Two years later that building was bombed.

I got to see all kinds of free-roaming animals that you normally only get to see in a zoo, or maybe even never at all - lions, cheetahs, zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest, crocodile, hippopotamus, impala, dik dik, vultures, secretary birds, plus a whole bunch of others that I have written down someplace in a journal I had with me while I was there.