Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crazy Pizza!

I made pizza tonight. And because Kenji is out of town this week, I got to put all crazy stuff on it.

Here's what I put on my pizza:

  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • hot peppers
  • snap peas
  • cilantro
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • mango
  • mozzarella cheese

I think the only thing I wouldn't put on the next time was the zucchini. I might have baked it too long too - the crust was a bit hard around the edges. But the center pieces were good.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Making an Egg Salad Sandwich

For lunch today I made an egg salad sandwich. As I was removing the egg shells I was reminded of a kid I went to school with named Scott.

The thing about eggs that made me think of him was that one time in elementary school, Scott brought in a brown, jiggly, translucent egg for show and tell. He said he made the egg that way by putting it in vinegar for a few days or something like that. The egg looked pretty cool, but I could never remember exactly how he said he did it. I think I tried to make a brown jiggly translucent egg once but it didn't work out, and I was too shy to ask Scott how he did it. If only I had the internet back then... I would have been able to look it up!

So anyway while I was thinking about Scott and the jiggly brown translucent egg, it occurred to me that the only other thing I remember about him is how he almost strangled me in fourth grade. I don't think he intended to do since I don't recall any malicious intent.

What happened was I was sitting backwards in my chair, working on some little project with the girl seated at the desk behind me. I was wearing a bright green hooded sweatshirt, and when Scott walked by, he grabbed my hood and wrapped it around my neck and just kept walking while holding onto my hood. I twisted around in my chair as far as I could, but I couldn't turn very much because I was sitting backwards in my chair and my leg got caught on the chair back. So the hood kept getting tighter and tighter around my neck, and I couldn't speak. Then everything got a bit fuzzy and quiet, and the next thing I remember I was looking up at the ceiling and I could see one or two of my friends standing over me. Then things got less fuzzy, and went and told the teacher and she didn't really do anything about it and then I forgot about it... until I made egg salad sandwich today. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bowling with no arms

Yep, then after our inaugural quest for the perfect dessert, Kenji Tiffknee continued on with our plans to go bowling in West Orange. The lanes in West Orange are way busier than the ones in Roselle Park. It's cool and all that they turn the lights down and crank up the disco balls and music, but it was super noisy and we had to wait like 45 minutes to get a lane.

The other cool thing about having the lights down low is that it makes your arms disappear!

In Search of the Perfect Dessert

Well after eating little chunks of grilled chicken on sticks, Kenji, Tiffknee and I decided to go bowling at the lanes in West Orange. But that bowling alley had league only play until 9:30pm, so we had some time to kill. To fill that time, we decided to go on a quest for the perfect dessert. Thus began our inaugural quest, which was at Baumgart's Cafe in Livingston.

I forgot to take pictures of our desserts before we began to dig in, so you'll just have to settle for half-eaten desserts. Kenji got carrot cake...

Tiffknee had a sundae...

And I had apple crisp.

The desserts were good, but I don't know whether any of them qualified for as a perfect dessert. I haven't actually thought about the qualifications of a perfect dessert either... I figure I'll know it when I see/taste it.

1st BBQ of 2008

Ok it's not really barbeque - it's just grilling. Yesterday we decided that we wanted to have meat on a stick. And since it wasn't really all that cold out we decided that we should take out the grill and cook some little chunks of chicken on sticks.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lionel Richie Rocks...

... or something like that. :) After bowling and Panera Bread this evening and before the American Gladiator championship, the guys played a little karaoke. It's too bad we only have one microphone. But anyway there's Kevin and Kenji singing All Night Long. Hehe!

A Turkey for Lex

Yep we went bowling again this Sunday. This time Kevin came with us. Lex didn't come with us because she's not into bowling, and she had laundry and other stuff to do anyway. But she told Kevin to prove that he loves her by bowling a strike for her (oh, they are getting married in July for those who don't know who Kevin and Lex are). Anyway, Kevin started his first game by bowling a strike, and then he finished his second and final game by bowling a turkey. :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wicked Big Waffle

After the dance on Friday, some of us went to the diner (as usual).

I was being a good girl and got only hot tea and matzoh ball soup. But then Liana went and got this gigantic waffle covered with I think 8 billion scoops of ice cream. Then she forced us to help her finish it. Oh well so much for being good! ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fire Garden

For Christmas, the library gave me a Starbucks gift basket full of coffee-type stuff as a thank-you for delivering books to shut-ins last year. The metal basket-like container from this has been sitting on our dining room table for a month and a half now, just kind of getting in the way. So while I was dusting earlier today I figured out something to do with it.

Those flowers are metal tulips we got a couple years ago from some art museum gift shop. They are taped to the top of a couple of boxes inside the basket, and there's fake grass covering the boxes. Inside the tulips are little votive candles. Well, it's kind of a fire hazard so they can't be left burning unattended, but it still looks kinda cool when the candles aren't lit.

Decisions, decisions...

Yep so I was having a hard time motivating myself today to do some chores. Instead of just thinking all day about all the things I ought to get done and then avoiding doing them, I decided I'd do just one of them and at least get that done. But then I found myself taking too much time to decide which task I should choose.

But then I found a cute little decision maker on the internet. It's called A Choice Randomizer. You can put in as many choices as you want and then click the button and it decides for you.

I had four choices and took the best out of five... the randomizer must have really wanted me to dust because that came up three times. So anyway, the dusting is done. Maybe - just maybe - if I feel inspired enough the vacuuming will get done today as well. Thank you Matthew Souzis for helping me get at least one thing done today!

Belkin Class Action Suit, part II

Today I received a Belkin wireless refund notice, relating to the class action suit I wrote about back in April of last year. It says we are eligible for a full refund on up to two Belkin wireless products. Turns out the two Belkin wireless products we own are qualified for the settlement, and yes I still have the original receipts after all this time. So after I get the form mailed in tomorrow or Tuesday, we should have our refund back within 12 weeks. Yay!

It's sort of timely, because we've been having trouble with our Belkin wireless gateway for the last several months. For the most part it works, but every now and then it just decides to not work, usually just for a few moments, but increasingly those few moments seem to be getting longer and longer. So, we'll put the almost $100 we get back from Belkin and put it towards a nice shiny new Apple Time Capsule.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Bowling Terminology

Kenji, Tiffknee and I went bowling again tonight at Roselle Lanes. We made up some new bowling-related terms:

  • Cheese - The last pin standing when you only mange to knock over nine by the end of the frame.
  • Cheese Ball - The ball that knocks down the would-be Cheese in the second ball of the frame.
  • Field Goal - The second ball of the frame that goes between two pins without knocking any down.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quote of the evening...

Setting: Superbowl XLII party, last four minutes of the game, surrounded by Giants fans
Grace: "Are they gonna kick it now?"
Hector: "No. There's no such thing as a five point kick!"

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pretend Fish Supper

Kenji and I went to a fish supper with Tiffknee at Tiffknee's church this evening. It was a fund raiser for the local Boy Scout troop. I call it a pretend fish supper because we didn't arrive until about 7pm, and by that time they were all out of fish. But they still had chicken. The chicken was deep fried in the same batter they use for the fish, so it still looked like we were eating fish and chips. We even still used tartar sauce on the chicken. :)

While we were waiting to be served by the Boy Scouts, I folded a tiny paper crane out of the blue paper napkin ring that came on our plasticware. The Boy Scouts were rather slow in their duties, so Tiffknee's dad shared some of the bread from their table with us. In return, I gave him the crane I'd just folded.

A little while later, the little paper crane ended up in the hands of Grandma Willson who was so impressed with it that she took it home with her, carrying it carefully in one hand, and in the other hand, her leftovers.

Just as we were about to leave, Grandma Willson's daughter came by our table to tell us that Grandma liked the crane so much that she forgot to take her purse home - and that's why she was back - to fetch the forgotten purse. Tee-hee-hee!