Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Monday!

It's a lovely day today - sunny, cool and dry - and look what I found in the Whole Foods Market over in Madison, NJ!

Yay! Bubbies! Boo! It's, um, wicked expensive! But that's ok, today I shelled out the small fortune because it's a special occasion which I am not allowed to mention. ;)

Bubbie's mochi ice cream was my very first exposure to mochi ever. I had just moved to Hawaii, and I was hanging out with some people I had just met through swing dancing. They weren't even from Hawaii - just a couple of instructors who were in town from Colorado who were conducting some workshops that week. They needed a ride back from town to Hawaii Kai, so I offered to drive them. Along the way, they suggested we stop for ice cream, which of course I'm always up for. Some local person had taken them to Bubbie's earlier, and they wanted to go back there and get more mochi ice cream. So we bought a whole big container full and pigged-out when we got to where they were staying.


robor said...

What the heck is mochi?

robor said...

Never mind, I did some more stalking of you and found out what mochi is. Grr! Someone actually just told me last week, but I forgot the word.