Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spam learns to play fetch and goes YouTubing!

I think I may have mentioned before that Spammy's favorite toy is Stick. Stick is a long piece of white plastic that used to be the seal around a bucket of kitty litter we bought way back when we first got the kitties last year. Well he loves to play with it so much, he often wakes us up in the morning, not to get us to feed him, but rather to dangle his stick around so he can chase it!

Yesterday I was busy for much of the day doing useless stuff on the computer, like discovering Google Calendar and Spreadsheets, and checking out Kevin Kelly's really cool blog about cool tools. While I was in the midst of all this, Spammy came into the room and sat down next to me and began to meow very loudly. When I looked to see what he wanted, I saw that he had carried his stick all the way into the office from the bedroom!

So of course I played stick with him. I wiggled it around, made him chase it in circles, and then I threw it out of the room and into the hallway. He ran out of the room, picked it up, and carried it right back for me to continue playing with him. How cute is that??

As I was just about to go to sleep last night, Spammy carried his stick up onto the bed. So I threw it into the hallway for him, and he carried it back. We did that for six or seven times. Then I think he got smart and decided he didn't want to carry the stick anymore and so he put it down somewhere out reach for me.

This morning I tried to capture him playing fetch on video, and was able to get him to do a half-hearted fetch at least once. Anyway, I played around with the video for a couple hours, added a shameless promo for Mochi Kids!™ to the end of it, and uploaded it as my first video to Go Spammy!

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