Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bye-Bye Leaves; Hello Pie!

We've been so involved with repainting our bathroom that this year we didn't get around to raking any leaves until today! The good thing about that though is that we will only have to rake once, as the leaves on the tall oak tree in our back yard have finally fallen. It seems those leaves like to hang on as long as leafily possible, but I think the high winds we had late last week finally got the best of them. I also like it that our town lets us pile our leaves up out on the street for them to come and pick up, instead of having to pack them into neat little bags, like some other nearby towns require.

We are nearly finished with our bathroom. We finally were able to paint it on Friday and Saturday. Now all we need to do is install the new sink. We thought we'd let the paint dry for another day before doing that. Sorry, no more bathroom pictures till it's all put back together again.

Right now I'm baking a pie. It's almost ready. Probably about five more minutes. I had a timer running that I brought upstairs with me to keep track of time while I blogged, but then Musubi came along and stepped on the timer and turned it off without me knowing till just now.

It looks like a pumpkin pie, but really it's a butternut squash pie. I made it using the recipe on this page. Well, I'm using it for the most part. I don't happen to have any unrefined sugar hanging around so I just used regular sugar. I used one of the pie crusts I got from work. It's a Wholly Wholesome graham cracker crust. For the last pie I made, I used the chocolate crust, like they did in the recipe page. That pie came out ok for a dairy free pie. I think, like pumpkin pies, a squash pie tastes better after a day or two rather than same day out of the oven. But I also think pumpkin and squash-type pies taste better with cream in them. Dairy-free-schmairy-free! (Now watch, I'll become lactose-intolerant for making remarks like that!)

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