Friday, February 16, 2007

The Country Store

I've been wanting to add a photo of this picture on our wall to my blog for a few weeks. Because the print is under glass, I couldn't take the picture in the evening because the flash would cause a reflection, so I had to wait until a bright, sunny day. And when it was bright and sunny out, I kept forgetting to take the picture, until today. This was about the best angle I could get, to avoid reflections from windows and such.

My mommy and daddy sent this to me for my birthday. It's a print of a painting by Frank Bly of the Country Store in Petersham, Massachusetts. Petersham is pronounced "Peters-ham" and Frank Bly doesn't seem to have a web site, which I find annoying, because I like his paintings. My Uncle Jack is a painter, and he has a web site; Frank Bly should get one too!

Anyway, I like the Country Store in Petersham because it's a great place to go have lunch or ice cream. For a while it was owned by real nice guy named Chuck. I think it took him a long time to sell the place because he wanted to make sure the next owners would respect the building and business and keep it small-town quaint, the way it should be. My dad and I used to come here for sandwiches when we would go for little hikes and stuff at the Quabbin Reservoir or Harvard Forest.

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