Friday, March 02, 2007

Long time, no write

It's been a while since I've updated my blog because I guess I just keep doing other stuff. Today is a dreary Friday - when we woke up this morning, there was torrential rain falling and the sides of our street looked liked riverbeds. When I was out this morning, there were little waterfalls coming off the hillside next to Mount Pleasant Avenue. I am quite happy that my book delivery week was last week and not this one!

Since the last time I posted, Kenji finally came home for good after a six-week stint of paper-pushing in our nation's capital. He was able to come home on most weekends, and for the last two weekends, I drove down to visit him. While I was there we visited several museums, including the Museum of Natural History (where the picture of Kenji and his fellow paper-pushers was taken; also current home of the Hope Diamond), one of the art museums (I forget the name), the International Spy Museum, and the United States Botanic Garden. It was especially cold the two weekends I was there, particularly in light of the mild winter we've had, so it's safe to say my favorite museum to go into was the Botanic Garden. It was warm and humid like Hawaii, and a lot of the plants looked like Hawaii, too.

Usually I'm not that big a fan of humidity, but it's been so dry the last couple months, and I've had quite enough of my hair rising up from my shoulders and sticking to my face, having scarves stick to me like Velcro, and being shocked every time I pet the kitties or kiss Kenji.

We are enjoying our new car. I really really like keyless remote entry. :) It's also nice to be able to plug our iPods into it. My only complaint about it is that the around-town gas mileage is not as advertised. On the highway I get around 37 mpg, but in day-to-day driving it's more like 25-30 (25 if I have to sit in traffic for a while). I think the Civic more consistently got 30 mpg around town, and maybe as much as 33 on the highway.

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