Monday, September 29, 2008

My Trip to Home Depot

This evening I went to Home Depot to pick up some paint for Kenji so he could finish up in the basement. If I'd gone to the one in Hanover I would have know right away where to find it, but instead I went to the Vauxhall store, because it is a bit closer to us. The Vauxhall Home Depot is HUGE! It's so big they put a map on the handlebar of their shopping carts.

So anyway, there I was, wandering around the paint section of HUGE Home Depot, looking for the basement paint. Then all of the sudden, ALL the lights went out! I'm not kidding, it was pitch black in Home Depot! About 30 seconds after all the lights went out, some backup lights came on. I was going to keep shopping, but then the lights went out again, just for a moment. Then they announced over the loudspeaker for all customers to exit the store.

I'm glad our car has the remote keyless entry. Outside the store the parking lot was dark dark dark. So I just kept pressing the lock button on my key and listened for the little honk of the horn and looked for the flashing lights.

Well I didn't get the basement paint at Home Depot. I was about to drive over to the Hanover store and get it, but then Sears was along the way and they had it instead. The End.

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