Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where is October?

Wow I just realized I didn't bother to make any posts here all during the month of October. I guess I find it much easier to post to Facebook and Twitter now. Well, I just set up an account with, and with that I can push posts to both my blog and Twitter, so no more excuses for neglecting my blog.

As for what's been going on... well since we are moving back to Hawaii, we have to sell our house. It's been on the market now for just over a month. We have a buyer; now we are just hoping the deal will go through. Anyway house stuff has pretty much been consuming us for the last month or so, between getting the house ready to show and now maintaining house and yard so they look nice for potential buyers.

Last Sunday Tiffknee, Kenji and I went to the cornfield maze in Chester -- not the same one the three of us went to last year though, because that one was lame. We went to the same one as two years ago, though unfortunatley we we not able to go at night. On the night I had planned to go it rained instead. D'oh! Oh well, on that night a bunch of us went to dinner and bowling instead, and that was fun.

Aside from that, we haven't been up to much else. Looking forward to selling the house and moving back to Hawaii. :)

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