Monday, January 15, 2007

123456 and Uncommon Conversions

While out for a shopping excursion to Wegmans today, our car surpassed the 123,456 mile mark on its odometer! We would have taken a picture, except we forgot to take the camera with us. It probably wouldn't have made any difference though, since we also forgot to look at the odometer when it happened. If we'd had the camera, the picture would have been of 123,459 instead. I think cars should be equipped with odometer alarms that will alert you to moments when your car is about to reach a milestone figure in its odometer reading.

Before Wegmans, we had brunch at Le Peep, a cute little "cookery" in Edison, New Jersey. They have yummy crepes and French Toast with granola on top. On the front of their menu is the following list of "Uncommon Conversions". Parenthetical comments are my own:

2 pinches = 1 bit
4 bits = 1 smidgen
3 dollops = 1 gaggle
1 gaggle = 2 glugs (so 3 dollops is the same as 2 glugs?)
2 glugs = 1 blanket (and a gaggle is the same as a blanket??)
3 blankets = 1 smothering

What I want to know is how many smidgens are in a dollop? I have an idea how much a pinch is, and therefore can figure out about how much a bit and a smidgen are, but I guess I'm on my own after that. The list on the menu is followed by the disclaimer, "Volume may vary with altitude." When I first read it, I thought it said "Volume may vary with attitude," which makes more sense to me since I suppose it must depend on your attitude when you have to decide how large your dollop is.


Russ said...

I picked out the onions

mochichick said...

You picked the onions out of your French toast??