Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Half-Birthday Spammy!

Somewhere around the end of January is Spammy's half-birthday. We don't know Spammy's exact birthday, because unlike Musubi, he was not born at the shelter. Instead, he and his little litter-mates were dropped off at the shelter just days after they were born, which was at the very end of July 2005. So that makes Spammy one and a half years old.

It was also my birthday recently. I'm a bit older than one and a half. I'm more like 25 and 144 months old. You do the math.

Anyway, this evening, shortly after I got home from work, the UPS guy came to our door and he had a mystery box for us! The kitties and I opened it up, and this is what we found! We're not entirely sure who sent us this nice comfy kitty cat carrier, because the packing slip didn't say anything about who sent for it. But we have a sneaking suspicion who did. >:) The kitties and I say thank you very much! (Well, Spammy and Musubi say "prrrr prrr prrr bllllp! meow!", which means "thank you very much!")

Musubi gave the kitty carrier a try too, and she also approves.
Musubi especially needs a sturdy kitty cat carrier because the last time she went to the vet to have her shots updated, she clean busted out of the cardboard carrier that we brought her home in from the shelter. It wasn't that the box was too small for her; rather, it was that she was too determined not to be in a box. At a traffic light, I had to stuff Musubi back into her box, and then drive with one hand holding the box shut, while the other hand took alternated between steering and shifting! Hopefully Musubi won't figure out how to use zippers...

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