Monday, March 19, 2007

Bah! Snow!

As far as winters in the northeast go, we really haven't had much snow to speak of this season. But I'm gonna say it anyway. Enough snow!!! Go away already!!!

It began late Thursday night and continued all through Friday and into early Saturday morning, which was about the time I took this photo to the right (I think it was shortly after midnight).

It just so happened that Friday morning was my day to deliver library books to shut-ins. The roads had not gotten too terrible by the time I started and I was able to complete my route without incident. Kenji and I still hadn't gone food shopping yet since I returned from Anaheim earlier in the week, so for supper we decided to brave the nasty weather and walk to a neighborhood restaurant. We saw some motorists spinning their wheels but it seems most folks were staying indoors and off the streets. On our way home, we spotted these two kids playing in the snow in our front yard.

They weren't there anymore in the morning.

Although the accumulation was only four or five inches, the snow was extra-hard to shovel because the top layer had formed into an icy crust. This photo was taken from inside our garage, and those are my feet standing on top of the snow, rather than sinking into it. I think it took us about three or four hours to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. Because much of our driveway is sandwiched between our house and the neighbor's fence, we had to do a lot of lifting and carrying snow to either the front or the back yard to get it off the driveway. We've decided that a wheelbarrow might be a good investment to help eliminate some of the lifting and carrying.

Shoveling out didn't actually come to a complete close until today though. When I got home from work this afternoon, I found that the plow had come by and deposited a nice pile of heavy, icy, chunky snow right at the end of our driveway. :P

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Bob said...

Masha, it's cold here too! About 71 degrees and windy! ;) Steven was here at MIC and told me about your blog. It's nice to know you're having fun! I hope to see you before too long! Aloha, Bobby