Saturday, March 03, 2007

Favorite Kitty Toys

Yesterday I vacuumed the house. When I moved the living room furniture aside to vacuum the floors beneath, I found the usual treasure trove of kitty cat toys that went missing since the last time I vacuumed under the living room furniture. Only one of the toys was actually purchased intentionally as a cat toy; the rest were stolen orange juice and milk jug caps, rubber bands, little paper cranes, and an assortment of tiny stuffed animals that came from my former workplace in Hawaii. One of those little animals is a moose, and he happens to be Musubi's favorite toy. She named him Moosoobi.

Spammy and Musubi definitely have their own favorite toys - toys that one kitty will play with like crazy, yet the other kitty is disinterested. Moosoobi is one such toy. Spammy couldn't care less about Moosoobi, but Musubi will bat Moosoobi all around, and then pick him up and take care of him like he's a little kitten.

As I type this post, Spammy has just dragged one of his favorite toys, Stick, all the way up the stairs and dropped it on the floor by my chair. I wrote about Stick in a previous post, back when Spammy would play fetch. It's funny that he drags Stick all over the house to us because he barely plays with it anymore when I pick it up and wiggle it for him. Yet he'll drag it up and down the stairs at least four times a day. Spammy also loves to play with Cowie, which used to be a cute little Gateway cow obtained at some trade show, but now is a dirty gray disgusting, half-torn to pieces cow. Like Stick, Spammy will pick Cowie up and carry him around. He also chucks him in the air and wrestles with Cowie from behind table legs and atop of scratching posts. Spammy also enjoys Fiber Optic Toy - another trade show giveaway. Fiber Optic Toy is a useless but fun bit of technology with a handle containing batteries and multiple colored LEDs
that illuminate the fiber optic strands that extend about four or five inches from the handle. When I wiggle Fiber Optic Toy, Spammy likes to chase it and grab it in his teeth and try to yank it out of my hand, which I usually let him do. Then he'll carry it to some place near or under the dining room table and wait for me to pick it up again so he can grab it from me.

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Greg said...

Cool. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for fiber optic things that could become cat toys. Ours love rubber bands and feathers.