Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jersey Shore

Last week I stayed at the Jersey shore for the first time. My friend Nellie invited me down to stay with her and her family since they were renting a cottage for the first week of September. That was the same week that Kenji and I went to three baseball games, a wedding rehearsal and a wedding (and I still worked a couple of days and delivered library books to shut-ins too)... so I only stayed one night. Those are my toes in the sand, looking at the Atlantic Ocean to prove it. :)

It was the perfect week to go to the shore. It was after Labor Day, and on a weekday, so the beaches were not crowded. Plus the weather was perfect - not too hot and not too cold.

When I arrived on Thursday afternoon, Nellie and her sister and I went to visit the Barnegat Lighthouse, which is on the very northern end of Long Beach Island. Nellie and I made the climb to the top of the lighthouse, and I took this picture of Nellie's sister, Natasha, talking on the phone way down there on the ground. :)

This is pretty much a picture of the "back yard" at the cottage where we stayed. The cottage is not on Long Beach Island itself, but just a mile or so away from the bridge that takes you onto Long Beach Island. There's a whole network of little canals between all the homes in the area, and the canals have street signs on them, just like on regular streets. :) Things were peaceful and quiet there, and that was nice.

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