Monday, September 03, 2007

Mariners win! (Finally...)

This picture was taken by Tiffknee and her phone. Kenji is saying "Woooo!" because Seattle won the first of three games against the Yankees today. It was also the first time they won after losing ten games in a row! Let's hope they can keep it up for the next two games, and more!

Heh, the silly sports reporter on Fox 5 just announced that Ichiro hit his 200th career hit today. Try again, lady. It was his 200th season hit. Ichiro holds the record for the most hits in one season, at 262. And we we were at that game when he set that record. :)


JohnnyRocketsBoston said...

That means you would have been at the last game of that season which I dont believe is quite accurate. The record was broken earlier in the year... he currently holds the record with 262 AND IS AGAIN OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS, getting ready to watch a real team - THE BOSTON RED SOX - win their second world series in three years. Games 1 and (if necessary) game five of the division series I will be attending. :) GO RED SOX AND BIG PAPI RULES

mochichick said...

Yes, we were at the last game of that season. I'm rooting for the Cubs this year.