Saturday, October 06, 2007

Harriman Hike (Again)

Two springs ago Kenji and I went on a hike just over the line in New York's Harriman State Park with our friend Jason and the group of hikers he organizes on a monthly basis. We hiked the 7 Hills trail. Today I went on another hike with Jason and a couple of his friends, again at Harriman, but this time a different trail.

This time instead of the 7 hills, we hiked near the 7 lakes. Well, I don't know how close to any lakes we were, but we at least had to drive down Seven Lakes Drive to get to the trailhead. I liked this hike a lot because there were lots of cool rock formations along the trail, and those are interesting to look at. And this rock formation was extra cool because it was like a comfy chair. See how comfy I look?

We also found a bunch of cool acorn caps like this one. I don't know what breed of oak trees produces this kind of acorn cap, but I had never seen one of this shape before. Like the regular acorn caps I'm used to seeing, this one made a very good whistle. :)

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