Monday, October 08, 2007


Shoechanger Joe is going on vacation for a couple weeks - to France and Scotland!

Now that I've gotten him into Letterboxing, I've made my first "hitchhiker" letterbox. Joe will plant it alongside a regular letterbox that he will find in either France or Scotland. Then the next person to find the letterbox that my hitchhiker is hidden with, that person will take my box and re-hide it alongside the next letterbox he or she finds. Once my letterbox's logbook is all filled up with stamp impressions, I will make arrangements to have it sent back to me.

At least that's the plan. Of course it could always get lost somewhere along the way. That's why I thought I should take a picture of it now. I got the pink button on top from my grandma's button collection. The kitty cat bead is something I bought a few years ago when I was making little containers out of beads. I became bored with making those containers before
I ever got around to using the kitty cat bead.

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JohnnyRocketsBoston said...

HA HA HA HA HA -- The RED SOX ROCK AND CLEVELAND DOESNT...World Series winners in 5 games - oh ye of little faith...on Monday October 29 Boston will celebrate its second World Series in four years. When was the last time Seattle won? How about NY? Oh yeah when thats over the Patriots will be trying to be the first team since 1972 to complete an NFL season UNDEFEATED - its so unfair that all the talent is in Boston....