Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Um, and I just thought these were silly Crate & Barrel decorations...

So what the heck are these green things? We found them on the ground next to the trailhead located at the Iron Hill Museum in Delaware. We were out hunting a letterbox of course.

Anyway, I've seen the artificial likeness of these strange fruits... we sold them at Crate & Barrel as decorative things to put inside a centerpiece bowl. I always thought they were tremendously ugly. I also always thought they were made-up fruits. But I guess they are real. Either that or the folks at the Iron Hill Museum in Delaware like to shop at Crate & Barrel.


Rick said...

Rows of Osage Orange trees were planted in fields by farmers as hedgerows, windbreaks, and "natural cattle fences" before the introduction of barbed wire.

The large spiny greenish fruit were once referred to as "monkey brains." When falling, the fruits sometimes break apart, and the seeds are eaten by birds.

mochichick said...

Ah-ha! I knew someone would know what they were! My friend Rob tried telling me they were green alien brains but I didn't believe him. ;)

Thank you for enlightening me, Rick.