Friday, April 11, 2008

Monkey in the Monkey Pod Tree!

Today we have to go home -- boo. But at least we'll get to see Spammy,
Musubi, and Tiffknee. Yay!

Update 4/12/8 East Coast time: Now we are home. Since we had problems with getting a stable internet connection for my computer at Rebecca's house, I didn't post as many pictures as I would have liked while we were away. So now I'm going to add them in to the posts I made from my phone.

The monkey pod tree that Kenji is hanging from is at Moanalua Gardens, a privately run park near where Rebecca lives. Moanalua Gardens is home to the famous corporate icon, the Hitachi Tree. Our visit was an unsuccessful attempt to find letterboxes, but we had fun nonetheless.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of Japanese tourists taking photos of the Hitachi Tree. :)

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