Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Rest of Friday

Yep so now we're back at Rebecca's and I can post the other pictures we took while out vacationing today.

I began this morning by taking a little walk in Salt Lake. Then Kenji dropped me off at Ward Centre and I got my nails and hair done at Paul Brown. The lady who did my manicure is named Helga and she was a lot of fun to talk to, 
and she gave my hands and arms a nice massage that wasn't like beating me up like the massage I got yesterday. :)

After that Kenji and I went to see the movie Juno at the dollar theater. We were planning to go see Cloverfield, but we arrived at the theater at 1:30 pm or so only to discover that Cloverfield wasn't scheduled to start until 4:30 pm. It was a good thing because I think I enjoyed Juno a lot more than I would have enjoyed Cloverfield.

Next we drove by Kenji's old apartment on Date Street on our way to get some Jamba Juice in Kapahulu. We took our Jamba Juice to Kapiolani Park where I tricked Kenji into taking me for like a three mile walk all the way around the park and through Waikiki and back. Along the way we visited the ocean at Kaimana Beach where we stuck our toes in the water for a few minutes. We also said hello to the fishies in the tank that's in the front of the Waikiki Aquarium. The candy cane strip shrimp is getting big. I 
tried to take a picture of him but he was mostly hiding behind other stuff in the tank.

So as I mentioned, we walked all the way through Waikiki and boy were we surprised when we got to Lewers Street. This picture on the right was taken from the Ewa side of the street on the second floor. Back before we moved away from Hawaii it used to be that you couldn't even do that. Never mind all that green grass you see there and the little fountains you see there. All the junky buildings must have been knocked down and are now all rebuilt, set back from the street in nice curvy lines and filled with two stories of trendy shops and restaurants. Instead of having our dinner in any of these new places we went around the block to Arancino's on Beach Walk and had prosciutto and arugula pizza. 

Even though we really didn't pig out we felt like we did. So we slowly wandered back through Waikiki towards Kapiolani Park. Along the way we saw a couple of hula shows going on, and right near the second one I got a free hug from a guy holding up a sign that said "Free Hugs". He was hanging out on the side walk with a girl who was also holding up a free hugs sign. You can kinda-sorta see the guy in this picture but not the girl. They were cute and were getting lots of hugs from passers-by.

I took the free hugs picture from a little patch of grass we decided to lie down on for a while to digest our pizza. This was the view we had looking up. Not bad for a junky phone picture in the dark.

With pizza sufficiently digested, we continued on poking along down Kalakaua. We visited the ABC Store and then while we were looking at Indian Head coin necklaces in a jewelry store window we heard the usual Friday night fireworks going off way down by Magic Island. I was able to catch a glimpse of them from where we were standing. 

Well, I'd love to be able to show you that picture and also the one I took of us in the mirror at Bubbie's, but there seems to be something really wonky with my computer and the cable modem at Rebecca's house and it's taking forever for me to upload my pictures to Blogger. I wanna go to sleep already and plus my battery is starting to get low so maybe I'll try to finish this post tomorrow!

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