Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Lex's parents' house helping her stuff wedding invitations and for some lunch. By the time I got home, Kenji had already left for work since he had to do an evening shift. So I was in the middle of taking a nap when our friend Gretchen called and said let's go meet our friend Andy for Ethiopian food. The last time I had Ethiopian was five years ago in Boston, so I was in.

We went to a place called Makedas in New Brunswick. The three of us shared a shrimp dish for an appetizer (I don't see it in their online menu and I can't remember the name of it) and the meat sampler for our entrée, which consisted of chicken goo, beef goo, I think some lamb goo, and also veggie goo, corn goo and Gomen Wat (collard green goo). With the exception of the Gomen Wat, I don't remember the names of the other selections because I just sat back and let Gretchen do the ordering, trusting that it would all be good, and it was. The thing I love about Ethiopian food is eating the flavorfully seasoned food with Injera (the spongy flat bread) instead of utensils.

After our delicious dinner, Gretchen, Andy and I tried going to Cydz for martinis. They had some yummy-looking martinis, but we didn't end up trying any. Just before our waitress was about to come take our order we decided that really we were more in the mood for coffee, so we left and went to Starbucks instead. Starbucks had an old Cranium game hanging out. The game was missing its pen and paper, and the play-dough was dried up solid. Still we had fun acting out words and phrases and songs for each other to guess. :)

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