Saturday, September 17, 2005

Come Dancing!

After being closed down for the month of August, the Jersey Jumpers resumed their semi-monthly dance at the Montclair Commonwealth Club. And after a month of being in New Jersey, we too resumed dancing.

This was the anniversary party for the The Jersey bOunce® dance event, so in honor of that, organizer Simone hired live band Eight To the Bar, and had the venue decorated all nice and pretty with shiny gold and purple streamers, flowers, lights, and lots of delicious food! Too bad Russ and I already ate supper just before going to the dance... if we had realized there would be so much food, we would have just dined there instead. ;)

The dance was a lot of fun. Although New Jersey doesn't have a large swing dancing scene, it seems to be quite a bit larger than the one in Hawaii... well, at least if last night's turn-out is any indication. There is also a good ten or fifteen year difference in age demographic, as well as a mix of abilities. People seemed genuinely friendly, which to me is the most important thing.

I'm normally very bad with names, but those I do remember (mostly men because that's who I danced with) include Simone (of course), Pär, Tim, Joe (who lives about a half a mile away from us), Ray, Carl, Peter, Jonathan and Diana. Ok, so I remembere all those names, but remembering which name goes with which face next time I see any of them will be the real challenge!

Oh, I did remember to bring my camera with me to the dance, but then I forgot to take pictures! Sorry, no photos in today's post...

On a completely differnt note, Russ had an exciting day at the post office yesterday. Too bad I can't tell that story. =)

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