Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yay! We have stuff! Eek! We have stuff...

Two months ago, on July 14th, the good folks from Pacific Transfer, subcontractors of ARPIN International, came to fetch about 98% of our stuff from our apartment in Hawaii. This morning at about 11am, three big guys from ARPIN showed up and dropped it all off. Now our house is a complete mess! Boxes everywhere! Stuff everywhere!

Fortunately, we had the movers take most of our stuff out of the boxes, so they were able to take away those boxes along with the mounds of packing paper wrapped around the contents. Unfortunately, there's still so much to unpack, and everything needs to be put away. How all this stuff fit into our little two bedroom apartment is hard to imagine.

I suppose we'd be able to get along just fine without most of this stuff, seeing as we've managed to get along without it for the last two months. However, I have to say it will be nice to have tools again. And we can cook again - hooray for pots and pans and real dishes to eat off of! And I can't wait to bake cookies! :) But most of all... no more sleeping on the floor!

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