Saturday, December 17, 2005

Too Busy!

How did it get to be December 17th already? I dunno - just not enough hours in the day.

This past week, my brother mostly moved his things into our house. We have a bunch of his stuff in the cellar, and then a bunch more of his stuff in the attic, where he will be staying. In addition to his stuff, we also have his 15-year old cat, Sweetie. I'm afraid Sweetie isn't as sweet as Spammy and Musubi. He plays games like the cat we had when I was growing up. Beege would act all happy, purring, rubing against you - then she'd flop over on the floor, and roll on her back, making like she wants you to pet her tummy. But really that was just an invitation for her to saw your arm off with her claws and teeth. At least Sweetie doesn't have any front claws, so I still have my arm.

We also have my brother's mattress in the downstairs, standing on its end, halfway in the front hall and the other half in the living room. Spammy and Musubi LOVE it. They think it's their indoor tree, racing right up to the top of it every chance they get. Unless I'm not around, Spammy prefers to get off from the top by having me stand right next to the mattress so he can step onto my head and shoulder before jumping off onto the couch.

So anyway, between my brother moving in on Tuesday and me baking a million billion evil goodness cookies to send to my Hawaii friends, I didn't manage to get anything else done that day. We've also been busy wrapping and sending gifts, and I designed and assembled Christmas cards, and both Russ and I wrote messages in them and sent. And business at Crate & Barrel of course is picking up to a nice frenzied pace.

And I still have some Christmas shopping to do - haven't gotten anything for Russ yet! But since I just got home from work, time for sleep.


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