Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Coffee Table Anniversary

Today is our Coffee Table Anniversary. I'm not sure what other couples call their 2nd anniversary, but ours is Coffee Table. That's because we finally bought ourselves a coffee table - the one we've been eyeing at Crate and Barrel from before I started working there. Indeed, it is one of the reasons I decided to work there.

Oh, and did I mention that I somehow won part time employee of the quarter this quarter? I'm thinking it must be because they give that award out to employees in alphabetical order by first name. The last part time employee to win it was Manahz (I think that's how she spells her name). Either that or it's because I proudly wear the "Marsha Marsha Marsha" name tag they made for me. ;)

Right so getting back to our anniversary... Kenji took us out for nice dinner at Chart House, right on the Hudson river across from Manhattan. As you can see, we had a very nice view of the city.

Dinner was very nice. The only thing detracting from the experience was the couple that was seated right next to us - the woman suffers from a terrible condition - diarrhea of the mouth! But the food was really yummy. For starters, we shared the seared ahi; Kenji had the fillet mignon for his main course and I had coconut crunchy shrimp; and for dessert we shared hot lava chocolate cake, covered with vanilla ice cream and bits of Heath Bar candy. Yum!

Oh yeah, so anyway I just thought I'd add that photo of us from two years ago today.

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