Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mission Impossible, Day I Dunno

I could go back and figure out how many days it's been since I started my kitty-cat potty-training project, but I'm too lazy.

Today I learned I must have at least six people who have read at least parts of my blog, because I got a message from peace chik'n (peace chik'n actually posted a comment on my blog, which automatically emails me a copy of the comment) saying that s/he'd like an update on how Spammy is doing with the CitiKitty.

Well, he's doing about the same as he has been, which is to say that he's pretty good with doing #1 on the potty but not #2. A couple of weeks ago I witnessed him actually doing #2 on the potty, so I know there is hope. However, I think I may have stymied the process a bit because I had to change the brand of litter we were using. Well, to tell the truth, I didn't have to change it... but the store I usually go to for it was all out of flushable litter altogether, and the other store I tried didn't have our kind, but at least they had some.

So anyway, here's an obvious tip to you CitiKitty users out there - don't change kitty's litter while you are in potty training process. Spammy still uses it, but I can tell he's not as comfortable with it. Musubi, of course, is not phased by it in the least. I'm still considering whether to go back to the old brand, or still give the new brand a chance for Spammy to get used to. I'm also considering abandoning the whole potty training process, but dammit, I'm determined! Especially since I know Musubi would be totally trained by now if we weren't waiting for Spammy!

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Greg said...

Keep fighting the good fight! Right now, we're just trying to keep ours from tracking poop out onto the carpet. (aack!)