Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Olives Olives

I forgot to blog about the olives I bought on our last two trips to Wegman's. A few weeks ago, I picked up some Maddalena olives, and last week French Picholine.

The two varieties are very different from one another. Maddalena olives are large and dark purple, and the meat almost falls off the stone, which makes it easy to eat. The flavor is ok but not as fun as the other olives I've tried so far.

Now that I know that Spammy likes olives, I gave a little piece of the Maddalenas to him. He sniffed it a whole bunch, licked it once or twice, and then tried to bury it with his paw. I think the sweeping paw motion is the kitty cat version of two thumbs down.

Picholine olives are small and green. Their meat doesn't fall off the stone, but it's by no means difficult to eat. Both Spammy and I agree that Picholine olives are the yummiest we've tried so far. No sweeping paw for Picholine. Perhaps the kitty cat version of two thumbs up is when Spammy tries to climb up my leg to get an olive from me. :)

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