Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mariners Lose :(

Yep so so we went to our second Mariners-Yankees game of the weekend. This one the Mariners did not fare as well as the game we went to on Friday night. But that made Tiffany happy, because she's a Yankees fan.

We arrived at the game a couple hours early, so we were there when the park opened, and were among the first in line to go visit Monument Park. Monument Park is behind left-center field, so after looking at all the plaques and stuff, we spent some time watching batting practice from the seats behind left field. While we were out there, I managed to get a picture of Ching Ming Wang. He nearly pitched a perfect game the night before, but lost it on a home run by Ben Broussard. Too bad we didn't bring our baseball gloves with us - we had some pretty good opportunities to catch balls during batting practice.

Here we are with our three hats...

I don't know why Tiffany looks so not happy in this picture. It was taken before the game, so maybe she thought the Yanks were in for another loss. ;)

Oh well, even though the Mariners didn't win, at least the game was entertaining. In the seventh inning there was almost a fight when Scott Proctor nailed Yunieski Betancourt with a pitch - both benches and bull pens came out on the field to play...

I was a little annoyed during the seventh inning stretch though. Tiffany and I were in the middle of singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game when Bob Sheppard interrupted the song so that Red Sox traitor Roger Clemens could make his announcement that he was going to be a Yankee again. Kenji missed the whole thing because he was in the bathroom.

My favorite part of the game, however, wasn't even part of the game. (That's almost a Yogi Berra kind of thing to say!) My favorite part was the celebration of Vera, before the game. Vera is a grandma who, just a few weeks ago, beat the snot out of a would-be robber of the store she was working in with a miniature Louisville Slugger from 1961. They brought Vera onto the field behind home plate and told her story to the cheering crowd. But the cutest was the look of utter surprise and delight on her face when Derek Jeeter came on to the field to present her with a full size Louisville Slugger.

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