Monday, May 21, 2007

Tastes Great! Less Filling!

Or in this case, the conflicting shouts went like this:


Yep, it's the third ballgame for us this month. And this time it was at Shea Stadium.

Our group of baseball game goers is growing. Last year it was just Kenji and me. Earlier this month, it was Tiff, Kenji and me. This time it was Dave, Tiff, me and Kenji. Who will join us next? I guess it will depend in part on how many tickets Kenji can get off of eBay at a time. :)

Shea Stadium is planted in the land of the World's Fair, otherwise known as Flushing Meadows Park. There are several funky looking structures around, like that big globe, the Unisphere, and that wavy looking building, the New York Hall of Science. There are also some rockets we found right next to our parking lot.

Anyway, the Yankees debuted a brand spanking new pitcher, 22-year old Tyler Clippard, and he turned out to be pretty good. He even hit a double - pretty good for a pitcher who hasn't swung a bat since high school.

I think my favorite part of the game though was the crowd. Just lots of heckling back and forth between Mets and Yankees fans. Quite entertaining.

Kenji says he wants to mow our lawn like Mets do theirs.

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