Friday, November 09, 2007

Burger Night Letterbox

Here's a stamp I carved for a letterbox that I planted a couple weeks ago. It's planted behind the bar at Joe's Place in Union, where on many Mondays Shoe Changer Joe and friends meet for burgers and just to hang out. Every now and then Kenji and I join them.

This image is from the piece of paper I used to design the stamp. On a letterboxing venture with Shoe Changer Joe, we stopped for a late lunch at the Tropicana Diner in Elizabeth. They had a pretty good picture of a burger on their menu, so I took a picture of it. Later on I printed the burger picture, darkened certain parts of it using a pencil, and then transfered the image onto an eraser which I then carved.

Anyway the piece of paper has been lying around the house adding to coffee table clutter, and it's time to get rid of it. So that's why I took a picture and posted it here. The End. :)

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JohnnyRocketsBoston said...

I like that Diner we used to go there all the time after going to Feather's right next to the mall. Feasther's was the dance bar that sponsored the first softball team I was on, the Feather Boas in 1991. We finished in first place never losing a game after the first weekend. We went to the World Series in Philadelphia and I was named team MVP.