Monday, November 19, 2007

El Bandito!

Friday night Kenji and I went to a place nearby us called El Bandito. It's a colorful Mexican restaurant. It's down the street from another Mexican restaurant that is not colorful. We ate at the not-colorful Mexican restaurant about a year ago. It must not have been anything special since we haven't gone back to it.

Once of the things that makes El Bandito special is it is very colorful, on the outside as well as the inside. I like all the murals painted on the walls. The food was decent too. What we really liked was that they give you little complimentary quesadillas along with the chips and salsa to start you off. And then after you think you can't eat any more and you told the guy to pack up your leftovers to take home, they bring you free dessert - a little ice cream with a deep fried banana. Yummy. Oh and they have a little mariachi band walking around entertaining folks.

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