Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Toy Rescue!

Today I was working from home, using our dining room table as my desk. Spammy always hangs around me wherever I go in the house, and today was no different. Near where I was sitting is the radiator, and the kitties' scratching post. I guess Spammy was bored because out of the blue he decided to stand on top of the scratching post.

Spammy used to hop up on his scratching post all the time when he was a little tiny kitty. He hasn't done that for almost two years now, so I was surprised when he did it today.

Of course I took the opportunity to make up a new game for him. It's called Rescue the Toys from the Radiator!

I put all of Spammy's favorite toys on top of the radiator (don't worry, the radiator was not on!). Starting at from the top of the picture below, there was Cowie, Mousie, Carrot, Peary and Moley. Spammy rescued his toys at least four or five times before he got bored again. Sometimes in between rescues, he climbed up on top of the scratching post just in case there were more toys up there. Cute!

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