Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last Weekend

Sorry, been lazy about posting lately. Last weekend we went to two Mariner games at Yankee Stadium. Now we have been to four freezing cold games so far this season. Mariners lost both games, so they don't deserve to have any pictures taken at their games and posted here.

On Sunday morning I went to church with Tiffknee because afterwards we planned to drive out to our friend Mickey's house to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark in Mickey's little home theater. After the movie we each got to go for a short ride on the Mickey's motorcycle.

After that we came home to Kenji grilling chicken in the back yard. And since it was such a warm beautiful day, we decided to pull out the folding table and have supper outside. Kenji was in charge of the grilling, Tiffknee was in charge of the chicken-cutting, and I was in charge of iced tea and taking pictures. :)

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