Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chubby Bunny

I've been away almost all week in Baltimore, helping out with our company's exhibit at the Natural Products Expo East. I enjoyed it, well all except for my feet, which were plenty tired from standing all day for three days in a row.

Most of the associates who are with our company do not work out of the main office where I work, and NPEE was the first opportunity I've had to meet some of them. And it was a chance to get to know some of those whom I've already met but don't see very often.

The highlight of the whole experience I have to say was learning a new (to me) game called Chubby Bunny. I was not the winner of this game, but I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. The president of our company won - he managed to stuff 12 marshmallows in his mouth - and he said this wasn't even close to his former record! I only made it to five, sort of. Well I definitely made it to four, and trying to stuff the fifth one in made me have to spit them all out. I have some video I'd love to show you of one of our other associates who tried to fit ten marshmallows into his mouth... but I'm told that what goes on at NPEE stays at NPEE, so I guess you'll have to settle for the tiny little still shots I've got here of all our contestants.

My other favorite thing about NPEE was that I found the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! They are Earth Shoes, and they look like this. Some of the chicks from our booth were talking about Earth Shoes on Saturday during the show, so during my break, I went to check out the Earth Shoes booth. I tried on a pair of the Ziggys and decided I wasn't going to take them off. So I purchased the shoes and that was that. Too bad I didn't know about Earth Shoes on Thursday when the show started!!!

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