Monday, October 09, 2006


Yesterday, I returned from Baltimore by way of Amtrak. Kenji picked me up from Newark Penn Station and took me to lunch. Then we went home and I had a nice long nap.

The rest of the afternoon we spent digging up our ugly weed garden in the front yard and planting tulips for the spring. I've always hated gardening; I think because my folks made me help fix my grandma's garden when I was a kid and I just wanted to play instead. Plus I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to horticulture.

We found a lot of stuff while we were digging up weeds... like this little army guy Kenji found. Who knows how long he's been looking out for us in the trenches beside our front steps.

After Kenji dug up all the weeds, I was in charge of digging up the soil to plant the tulip bulbs. I didn't find anything nearly as cool as little soldier guy, but I did find a whole pile of rocks! Well they weren't in a pile until I piled them up in back of our garage, but now they are in a pile. I also found a lot of broken glass. Some of it looks like it came from different bottles, some green, some brown. The rest looks like it may have been from the cellar window that is right in the front of our house. The window that is there now is fine, but I wonder if it was broken before because someone entered the house that way one time, or maybe it was the dang kids who play soccer and football and every other game out in front of our house. And there there's garbage. We are always finding garbage on our front lawn.

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