Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cornfield Maze!

Last night Kenji and I went with a couple of friends, Jason and Emily, to go play in the Stony Hill Farm Market Cornfield Maze. It was lots of fun, in spite of Emily and me being nailed by a flying ear of corn that some unknown maze-explorer-jerk-person threw! I think it glanced off her head and then landed squarely on the knuckles of my right hand. How rude.

The cornfield maze is open on Saturday nights until 9pm, so we planned to arrive there around 7pm. Well, actually we planned to arrive around 6:30, but no one got there till 7:00 anyway. The line was long, so Kenji and Jason stood in line while Emily and I went and bought apples to bring home and hot apple cider to warm everyone up before the maze because it was rather chilly outside.

Each year the Stony Hill Farm cornfield maze has a different theme. This year's was Space Exploration. They give you a little worksheet with games on it that you can play while exploring the maze. There were questions related to space exploration that you could answer to help figure out the "secret" word. There were also stations all around the maze that had embossed symbols of the planets (well, the planets plus Pluto) on them to use for crayon rubbings. Anything involving a crayon is fun, so collecting the crayon rubbings was the only thing I cared about in completing the maze. Jason and Emily were busy collecting all the answers to the questions.

I'm not sure how large the maze was, but looking at the map made it seem larger than it really was. But it was still pretty big. In order to read the map, you had to either purchase "Maze-O-Vision" glasses (cardboard glasses with red tinted gels for lenses), or have a nifty little red keychain flashlight which I just so happened to have. :) While the map helped you to find your way around the maze, it did not really tell you where you could find all the planet crayon rubbing stations. And I think maybe because this maze has very few dead ends, it seems a lot more difficut to navigate compared to other mazes like the Dole Pineapple Plantation maze in Hawaii. The Stony Hill Farm maze also had three bridges that took you over the top of some of the paths, so you could stand up there and look around over the top of the whole maze.

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