Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkin Time!

Last weekend Kenji and I bought pumpkins to carve into Jack-O-Lanterns. Today, while we were sitting in Panera Bread having coffe and hot chocolate, I figured out what I was going to carve. So when we got home, I made a nice stencil for myself on the computer that I used to draw my design onto my pumpkin.

Have I mentioned that one of Spammy's new favorite foods is spaghetti squash? Well, while I was gutting my pumpkin this evening, I realized he must have a thing for all gourds. As soon as I started digging out the seeds and stringy sloppy pumpkin guts, Spammy went crazy begging me some. He was munching on the strands, and then he even tried to get inside my hollowed-out pumpkin to lick the insides. It was very silly.

Musubi just looked on, like the polite little kitty she is:

And here's my finished product!


ROBOR said...

Hmm... Looks fishy. I made a cat-o-lantern last year, the first time I'd carved a pumpkin in years. But I didn't make anything this year.

mochichick said...

Good thing you didn't make a cat-o-lantern this year. It might have eaten my fish-o-lantern!