Sunday, October 08, 2006


A couple weeks ago, Kenji and I took a little drive out to Frenchtown, which is right next to Pennsylvania. It's a cute little town, with several funky artsy-fartsy shops and lots of little cafes and restaurants. There's also a bright blue mule that hangs out right in town - and has now become my new Blogger profile image, now that I've lost my shark picture. Frenchtown has the most interesting antique shop I've ever been in - it must be owned by a doctor or scientist, because they sell a lot of science-related antiques.

The weather wasn't the best, plus we already had other plans to go buy food at Wegman's, otherwise we might have gone on a nice bike ride along the Delaware and Raritan Canal. But we did have lunch at the Race Street Cafe, and it was very yummy. I had gazpacho and Kenji had a pastrami sandwich. I think this was the best pastrami sandwich I've had a bite of (after all, I did let Kenji have most of his sandwich!) since we've been in NJ. I still like the pastrami sandwich at Sure Shot Cafe in Makiki better. Mmmm.

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