Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today was a very wet day, especially at work!

Our company is preparing to move office to a new location sometime in the next two to four weeks. This is fortunate because about a week and a half ago, our current landlord decided to demolish the semi-attached building right next to ours. After taking down the building, we discovered that our exterior wall, which used to be protected by the roof that the two buildings shared, was not water-tight. But the flood we had last week was no where as bad as the one we had as a result of today's downpour, which is what you see in the picture.

We all wasted at least an hour running around trying to grab up everything that could be damaged by water and place it on high ground. Then for the next four or five hours, the gentlemen in the picture plus a few more vacuumed, pumped and shoveled water out of our office.

Looking on the bright side, as a result of this flood, I did get a most delicious helping of tiramisu for free.

I suppose you want me to explain that...

OK, fine. The flood made the kitchen all sloppy and gross so no one wanted to spend much time in there fixing their lunches. The CFO decided that we'd order out on the company's dime. I really wanted to eat the lunch I brought today, so instead of ordering a lunch, I just ordered a tiramisu for dessert. :)

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