Saturday, April 28, 2007

No more blue mule, and our first letterbox in PA

Today Kenji and I took a little drive out to visit Frenchtown and thereabouts because it was a nice day. We were sorry to learn that the big blue mule we saw the last time we were in Frenchtown is no longer there. But we did see someone else who had a blue car, just like ours:

The two pictures were taken from the same spot, 180° apart. You can tell which car is ours because of the honu on the bumper. I guess the captions are also a giveaway.

The other reason we decided to drive out to Frenchtown was to go find a letterbox hidden in Point Pleasant, PA, which is not much farther away. After crossing the Delaware into Pennsylvania, we did come across this critter going for the bird bath, and therefore we were not quite as disappointed about not seeing the blue mule.

The letterbox we found this time is located in the Point Pleasant Community Park, located alongside the Delaware River and Canal. This seems to be a favorite drop-off and/or pick-up point for kayakers, as we must have seen twenty or thrity of them coming or going in the twenty or so minutes we spent at the park. I guess thatʻs why the keeper of this letterbox named it Kayakerʻs Dream. Finding Kayakerʻs Dream was quite easy - it was hidden insdie a funky little hole in a tree.

I see that I forgot to record the date in my little log book. It oughtta say 4/28/7 next to that second stamp. The first stamp was from a letterbox we found last week in Livingston, NJ. Todayʻs was the first one weʻve found in Pennsylvania. If I had looked a little more carefully at the Letterboxing web site, I would have noticed that there are clues to another box hidden in or near Point Pleasant. Oh well - I guess thatʻs a box for a different day.

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