Monday, April 30, 2007

Hedden Park Hike

The weather got really nice a couple Saturdays ago, so Kenji and I went on our first real hike of the season with our friend, Jason, who organizes the NJ Young Hikers MeetUp group. This hike was an easy one around Hedden Park in Dover. I think we hiked somewhere around five or six miles. It was mostly level terrain, so it didnʻt take us very long.

There was a nice waterfall along the way, but I forgot to take my camera out of the car so I didnʻt get a picture of it. Looking at the photos Jason took, it appears he didnʻt take a good picture of it either. But hereʻs a little bit smaller waterfall that he did take a picture of.

And hereʻs the whole gang of us who came out to hike that morning:

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