Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tiffy Treats!

Tonight Kenji and I stopped at shoe-changer Tiffanyʻs apartment on our way home from buying kitty cat food. Tiffanyʻs plans to bake brownies had been thwarted because her brand spankinʻ new oven wouldnʻt light. The stove top burners would light ok, but not the oven. Turns out the pilot light for the oven had never been lit yet - not a problem that a little instruction manual reading and crawling around on the kitchen floor wonʻt solve, however.

So after getting Tiffanyʻs oven up and running, she was able to go ahead and make her famous Tiffy Treats!

Tiffy Treats are brownies with peanut butter and ice cream. Mmmmmm. And of course she topped off each of them with a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. Mmmmm Mmmmmm.

After having Tiffy Treats, I made a rope sculpture. The End.

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