Sunday, August 19, 2007

After Titusville

On our way back from Washington's Crossing I took advantage of Joe's Bench for a few minutes rest. Mostly I did this because I wanted to have a picture taken of me sitting on a bench that says Joe's Bench on it. The bench does not belong to our friend Joe, but if he ever reads my blog and sees this post, maybe he will be amused for a half a second or something.

After sitting on Joe's Bench, we stopped for a bit and took a walk out onto Firemen's Eddy. Well, I guess we didn't walk out onto the eddy itself, but rather onto the jetty that creates the eddy. Some folks were out there just lying or reading in the sun. It was a beautiful day for it - nice and sunny but not too hot.

We returned to Lambertville, but before we put our bikes back into the car, we rode north for a bit in search of a particular letterbox that is supposedly hidden near a railroad trestle. The clue is not written very well, or needs to be updated, or most likely, both.

We didn't have any luck finding the letterbox while riding through on bike, so we returned the bikes to the car, drove and parked nearer to the letterbox location, and tried again on foot. We were unable to locate the path that was supposed to be 32 paces after the mammoth tree. But reading the clue further, it sounds like you eventually end up walking over the railroad trestle. However, there didn't seem to be a path to the left immediately after crossing the trestle, and even though we checked around in the general area anyway, we still had no luck. But it was fun to walk over the trestle. And as a result of hunting for this letterbox, we also got to see through the underside of this waterfall, which isn't something you normally can do with waterfalls. I guess the canal is raised through this part, and water overflows from that into the stream below. So anyway, while we were unable to find the letterbox, I don't consider the effort to be a complete bust. :)

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