Saturday, August 11, 2007

Van Gogh's Ear

Kenji and I had a really yummy dinner this evening at a place called Van Gogh's Ear Cafe. It's in Union, NJ. We sat next to the window, which has this picture of Van Gogh painted on it. Van Gogh's Ear Cafe is an artsy-fartsy, relaxing place to eat.

Kenji had a roast beef sandwich. I had one of the specials, Mango Shrimp Salad. The mango flavor really didn't through, but that didn't bother me any since it was still the best tasting shrimp I ever had! The shrimp has a nice peppery flavor, I guess from the jalapenos. It also seemed to taste like Old Bay. The salad dressing, ginger cilantro vinaigrette, was also especially tasty.

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