Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last night Kenji and I went out to dinner - fondue style - with friends Kevin, Lex, Dave, Diana, Bryan and Julia. Well we didn't actually meet Julia till last night, but she was there too.

We went to The Melting Pot in Whippany. It was a fun experience, but probably about an hour longer than it needed to be. We arrived at 8 o'clock and it was shortly before midnight when we left. Now fondue for eight people is not a quick and easy meal - part of the whole experience is taking the time to cook all the little morsels of food in your fondue pot, and as you can see from the picture, we had a lot of fondue skewers fighting for space in each pot.

Our waiter was very efficient up until the time we were finished with our entrees and ready to order our dessert. Then for some reason we pretty much saw no service at all for a period of 45 minutes, when after watching the waitstaff do shots at the bar, the owner of the restaurant realized that we had been left unattended for quite some time. Anyway, for our inconvenience, at the end of the night the owner gave each of the ladies in the party a $10 coupon toward a future dining experience at The Melting Pot.

The food was really yummy though! We had pork and beef teriyaki and chicken and fillet mignon and mushrooms and zucchini and carrots and cauliflower and broccoli and ravioli which we cooked in the mojo base. But the best of course was dessert, which was all kinds of stuff dipped in dark chocolate and peanut butter sauce. I heard there was also some other kind of milk chocolate sauce in the pot on the other end of the table, but who needs that when you have dark chocolate and peanut butter!

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