Sunday, August 19, 2007

Titusville, Take II

In a previous post, I mentioned that Kenji and I had gone for a bike ride through the little New Jersey town of Titusville. It's a very cute little town, but at the time, I had neglected to take pictures of it.

So this time when Kenji and I took another bike ride along the Delaware & Raritan Canal between Lambertville and Washington's Crossing, I remembered to snap some pictures.

This is on River Road, which, as you can imagine, runs alongside the river. I think the town is much cuter when you see it in person than what you can see from the photo above.

All the houses along River Road seem to have a nice little patch of land directly across the street overlooking the river. What I especially like is how they all have set up a nice spaces, like this one, for themselves to sit and relax and enjoy the river and the sunset. That might even be better than a front porch. Although most of the houses on River Road do have front porches as well!

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