Monday, August 06, 2007

More Letterboxing

Yesterday Kenji and I took Tiff on her first letterboxing adventure. She didn't have a stamp, so we let her borrow a smiley face stamp. We found two letterboxes - one next to a river in Linden, and the other hidden at a bookstore in Clark.

The bookstore letterbox was our first urban letterbox. It had a tiny stamp and instead of a log book, it had a two or three-foot length of register tape rolled up inside a small magnetic key box.

The most challenging part of retrieving and replacing this letterbox was being able to do it without anyone looking. When Tiffany and I went to replace the box, a woman was standing RIGHT NEXT to the shelf where we were supposed to hide it. She was reading a book, and didn't look like she was going anywhere anytime soon. So I did my best to invade her space, pretending to be intensely interested in the books on the shelf right beside her. It took five or ten minutes, but she finally gave up and decided to go somewhere else!


Topher said...

I thought letterboxing was only in the movies. What is it?

mochichick said...

Hi topher!

People hide boxes that have a stamp (hand carved or store bought) inside along with a log book and maybe an ink pad. Once they've hidden their boxes, they go post their clues online so other people can find them. You can learn more at or :)