Sunday, February 10, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Yep so I was having a hard time motivating myself today to do some chores. Instead of just thinking all day about all the things I ought to get done and then avoiding doing them, I decided I'd do just one of them and at least get that done. But then I found myself taking too much time to decide which task I should choose.

But then I found a cute little decision maker on the internet. It's called A Choice Randomizer. You can put in as many choices as you want and then click the button and it decides for you.

I had four choices and took the best out of five... the randomizer must have really wanted me to dust because that came up three times. So anyway, the dusting is done. Maybe - just maybe - if I feel inspired enough the vacuuming will get done today as well. Thank you Matthew Souzis for helping me get at least one thing done today!

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