Monday, February 25, 2008

Making an Egg Salad Sandwich

For lunch today I made an egg salad sandwich. As I was removing the egg shells I was reminded of a kid I went to school with named Scott.

The thing about eggs that made me think of him was that one time in elementary school, Scott brought in a brown, jiggly, translucent egg for show and tell. He said he made the egg that way by putting it in vinegar for a few days or something like that. The egg looked pretty cool, but I could never remember exactly how he said he did it. I think I tried to make a brown jiggly translucent egg once but it didn't work out, and I was too shy to ask Scott how he did it. If only I had the internet back then... I would have been able to look it up!

So anyway while I was thinking about Scott and the jiggly brown translucent egg, it occurred to me that the only other thing I remember about him is how he almost strangled me in fourth grade. I don't think he intended to do since I don't recall any malicious intent.

What happened was I was sitting backwards in my chair, working on some little project with the girl seated at the desk behind me. I was wearing a bright green hooded sweatshirt, and when Scott walked by, he grabbed my hood and wrapped it around my neck and just kept walking while holding onto my hood. I twisted around in my chair as far as I could, but I couldn't turn very much because I was sitting backwards in my chair and my leg got caught on the chair back. So the hood kept getting tighter and tighter around my neck, and I couldn't speak. Then everything got a bit fuzzy and quiet, and the next thing I remember I was looking up at the ceiling and I could see one or two of my friends standing over me. Then things got less fuzzy, and went and told the teacher and she didn't really do anything about it and then I forgot about it... until I made egg salad sandwich today. :)

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